Outing: A weekend in Amed


Tim’s away in the U.S. for 11 nights and 12 days. That’s 11 nights and 12 days of just me and the kids, otherwise known as an eternity. Otherwise known as the Mean Mommy Period to my kids.

I haven’t been at my best. I stress about being alone at night and don’t sleep well.  I stress that I’m half way around the world from anyone who can take care of the kids if I get sick or injured.  Being alone and finally settled in Ubud also gives me too much time to miss my mom. It’s not just me either, the kids haven’t exactly been angels, but it’s easier to forgive them than myself.  They’ve had four homes in two months, lost a mom-mom, moved to a new country, started a new school and they miss their dad.

After a week on our own, I decided we needed a change of scene. It’s busy season in Ubud, which translates to full sidewalks, even fuller roads and polluted air. Wanting to be away from the crowds, I booked a last minute holiday in Amed.

Our (my) agenda was to relax and Amed was the perfect destination for our pursuit. It’s a stretch of sleepy fishing villages in East Bali. Spread over 14 kilometers, it doesn’t feel crowded. Our hotel was on the north end, where a few small hotels are interspersed with fisherman’s cottages. Their boats and offerings litter the volcanic black sand and shingle beach.

For those looking for more excitement while in Amed there is one of Asia’s best wreck dives, the Liberty wreck, and excellent snorkeling. Nearby is the beautiful Tirta Gangga or water temple. We did none of that. I drank wine, read my book and watched the kids while they enjoyed the pool and sand. We also ate a whole bunch of delicious food. Exactly the break I needed.

If Tim behaves we might let him join us next time.






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